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The Wensleydale Railway 13 October 2012

A visit to the Wensleydale Railway with the intention of filming the visit of 61994 The Great Marquess with the West Coast Railway Company charter train to the heritage line.
69023 Joem arrives at Bedale
We start at Bedale and capture the 12:00 service arriving and departing Bedale for Redmire hauled by 69023 Joem. We moved further up the line to Leyburn where 69023 was arriving with the same service.
69023 Joem arrives at Leyburn
The aim was to film The Great Marquess at Redmire in the afternoon. After an excellent lunch at the Bolton Arms in Redmire we moved on to Redmire Station. There were a few enthusiasts waiting for the arrival. The rumour was that the diesel hauling the train to Redmire had failed at Northallerton but the charter was still expected to make it to Redmire. 
Redmire Station

After an hour waiting we decided to head back towards Bedale to see if we could spot the charter anywhere along the route. We didn't and the train wasn't at Bedale.

As a last resort we moved to Leeming Bar the first station on the line. The rumour here was that the diesel had failed in the morning but had been restarted and brought the charter train onto The Wenslydale Railway only to fail again at Constable Burton part way along the line. It was planned for the Great Marquess to bring the train out, stopping at Leeming Bar to take on water.
61994 The Great Marquess at Leeming Bar

We hung around until she made it back along the line and finally left Leeming Bar heading for the East Coast main line.

The video of our day out on the Wensleydale Railway is below:

You may be interested in viewing one of our webpages where some photos taken during this visit have been uploaded for using as greetings cards or wall art designs

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