Sunday, 28 July 2013

Both the Scarborough Spa Express and Scarborough Flyer were operating through Wakefield Kirkgate again this week. Once again they were affected by the Steam ban  in operation nationwide and both had diesel locomotives tucked in behind the steam engine. The diesels were doing most of the work.

This week's pictures taken Wakefield Kirkgate Station,Normanton Station and near to Fairburn Ings.

45699 Galatea at Wakefield Kirkgate
At Normanton Station
Wakefield Kirkgate

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Visit to Foxfield

With the school holidays about to start it's a bit of a mixed blessing. It does mean a lack of galas on the Heritage lines as they rightly aim their market at attracting those on holiday and get some youngsters interested in the heritage scene. 

On the other hand it means the Scarborough Spa Express and Scarborough Flyer seasons are upon us until the end of the summer holidays.

However we did take the opportunity to visit Foxfield Railway's Summer Steam gala and it turned out to be a good day with plenty of steam action. I've added a page about the Foxfield Railway to my web page if you would like to see more click here.
Florence No 2 arrives at Caverswell Road Station on the Foxfield Railway
0-4-0 WT Tank "Willy" with a freight train leaving Foxfield Colliery