Monday, 30 July 2012

The Scarborough Flyer 

A Trip on the Scarborough - Friday 27 July 2012

On Friday we had a trip by train to the coast at Scarborough. We caught the train in Wakefield mid morning for the journey to the east coast. Our trip was on a special charter train and was hauled to Scarborough and back by “The Duchess of Sutherland” a restored steam locomotive.
Our train arrives in Wakefield
The station platforms were crowded with a mix of passengers catching the train for a day trip to Scarborough or York and hoards of photographers trying to find the best vantage point from which to capture photographs.

You may be interested in viewing one of our webpages where some photos taken during this visit have been uploaded for using as greetings cards or wall art designs

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Scarborough Flyer 

Wakefield Kirkgate - Friday 20 July 2012

It was a dull miserable evening in fading light as 46233 Duchess of Sutherland hauled The Scarborough Flyer back into Wakefield Westgate around 15 minutes late. 

There was quite a crowd on the platform as Duchess of Sutherland came to a stop to drop off passengers who had travelled to Scarborough and back for the day. Probably not one of the best days for a visit. We’re hoping the weather will be better next week when we have a the same trip planned. 

The first video shows 46233 arriving in the gloom of a dull Friday night in Wakefield.

After a short stop and a quick whistle 46233 hauled the Scarborough Flyer away from Wakefield and headed across the Pennines via Brighouse, Hebden Bridge, Rochdale, Stockport, and Wilmslow before arriving in Crewe its final destination at 22:43.

You may be interested in viewing one of our webpages where some photos taken during this visit have been uploaded for using as greetings cards or wall art designs

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Yorkshire Coast Express

Sherburn Station - Saturday 14th July 2012

This week "LMS 7P class 4-6-0 Scots Guardsman" has spent a week in Yorkshire. On Saturday 14th July it hauled The Yorkshire Coast Express from Milford Loop south of York through to Scarborough with a return journey back to York. The train had been diesel hauled from Llandudno to Milford Loop.

This is Scots Guardsman heading through Sherburn Station just after leaving Milford Loop some 15 minutes early. The video below shows just how hard 46115 was working to gather speed with The Yorkshire Coast Express as it headed towards York.

I had intended to catch 46115 reversing down to Milford Loop from the National Railway Museum at York but it did this part of the journey earlier than anticipated.

The Scarborough Spa Express

Wakefield Westgate - Tuesday 17th July

Scots Guardsman's next job in Yorkshire was hauling The Scarborough Spa Express on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday making the round trip from York to Scarborough via  Normanton, Wakefield, Woodlesford and Castleford.

First video is Scots Guardsman queueing for an evening arrival back at Wakefield Westgate station amongst the commuter and East Coast Main line trains on Tuesday.

Woodlesford Station - Thursday 19th July

The Scarborough Spa Express was running a little early on Thursday morning and I had just enough time to capture it coming to a standstill on Platform 2. I should have considered arriving a few minutes earlier but I didn't think it would be early as it was still picking up passengers at this point.

The final video is arriving at Woodlesford Station on Thursday evening on the last run of the week for The Scarborough Spa Express.