Sunday, 18 November 2012

46201 Princess Elizabeth on The Cumbrian Mountaineer

We made our planned trip to Cumbria to enjoy the scenery and if we were lucky gets some pictures of "Lizzy" hauling the Cumbrian Mountaineer up to Shap summit on the West Coast Mainline and Ais Gill on the Settle to Carlisle railway. I certainly need to do some more planning to find some good locations for the climb up to Shap summit. We somehow got lost and didn't have enough time to find a decent location, the nearest bridge had to do.

Our next plan was to travel over to capture Princess Elizabeth on her return journey along the Settle to Carlisle railway. With plenty of time to spare we made time for some lunch before taking a few photographs at some of the more northerly stations on the S&C from Armathwaite down to Kirby Stephen.

We had a good location to capture The Cumbrian Mountaineer on its return leg between Langwathby and Culgaith.

Finally with the light fading we returned to Kirby Stephen reckoning on this being around the final location for getting daylight pictures on the return journey.

Princess Elizabeth was in full cry as she headed through Kirby Stephen on the climb up to Ais Gill. Even here my video was spoilt by a helicopter hovering overhead spoiling the sound effects of a steam locomotive working hard.

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