Monday, 5 August 2013

Didn't Quite Work Out

I started the week full of good intentions to get some pictures of this weeks Scarborough Express steam hauled trains. The week started well enough and I got some pictures and video of 46115 Scots Guardsmen returning through Wakefield Kirkgate with the Scarborough Spa Express.

Luckily this week no one dashed out in front of my camera at the last moment.

Wednesday was a wet day with rain on and off all day so I decided not to bother with any filming as I don't think my best pictures are taken in dull and rainy conditions. Thursday was an absolute scorcher of a day with the temperature nudging into the thirties centigrade and as I was on the allotment in the afternoon I decided to see if I could film 60009 Union of South Africa on a light engine move from the National Railway Museum to Crewe in preparation for hauling Friday's Scarborough Flyer.

I didn't manage a particularly good bit of video but it was interesting to note that 60009 made its move without diesel assistance so I'm assuming the steam ban due to fire risk has been lifted due to the recent heavy rainfall.

On Friday morning  I made the short trip to Horbury to film 60009 Union of South Africa on the Scarborough Flyer. I made it just in time and got a nice chime from the locomotive as she headed for Wakefield Kirkgate.

In the evening I intended to try a new location but hadn't done enough investigation work and failed completely to capture any video. I did manage a pretty good picture of a thunderstorm forming over Castleford.

Ah well there's always another week.

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