Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Busy Day on the Settle to Carlisle railway

Sunday promised to be a busy day on the Settle to Carlisle railway. Two special charter trains and four different steam locomotives to be seen all in the same day. Our first stop was at Helwith Bridge to see 46115 Scots Guardsman with the Waverley.

It was a little disappointing to see a class 47 diesel tucked in behind the steam locomotive as line side fire protection.

We then travelled up to Ribblehead Viaduct to photograph 70013 Oliver Cromwell crossing this spectacular viaduct. Unfortunately for us the weather did its best to make photography difficult. In the pouring rain Oliver Cromwell arrived at the viaduct hauling the 1T 57 Fifteen Guinea Fellsman.

We had intended to photograph both trains returning over Ribblehead Viaduct but as the rain persisted into the afternoon we had second thoughts. We decided to go to Settle station even though we haven't visited this spot before. It’s always a risky move making a first time visit, would there be anywhere to park, would we be able to get any good photographs. Hopefully the weather would be better in Settle.

It turned out to be a good choice with plenty of parking and Spots on the station for good photographs. 46115 Scots Guardsman with the returning Waverley was the first train through the station. By the time it arrived there were plenty of other photographers lining the platforms all trying for the best photograph.

After this there was about 30 minutes to wait for the returning 1T 57 Fifteen Guinea Fellsman. On this part of the journey the Fellsman was hauled by two black fives 44932 and 45231.

This Charter train recreated the last steam hauled service by British railways on 11 August 1968. Two black fives hauled this train over this part of the route. One of those locomotives 45231 was in charge of the train again today having survived into preservation.

The two black fives made a great sight speeding through the station. Our video of the day out is below.

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