Thursday, 4 April 2013


The Yorkshire Coast Express ran from Crewe to Scarborough passing through Milford on its way to York and the coast. The train was hauled by 8F 48151 throughout.  It was our intention to photograph the train just before it arrived at Milford loop for a water stop and then to move on to Sherburn in Elmet to capture it pulling away after taking on water.
On a lovely sunny, but bitterly cold, day 48151 cruises into its stop at Milford Loop. Disappointingly no smoke but I suppose as it was going to stop for water a mile or so up the line this was to be expected. It was a nice change to be taking pictures in sunshine rather than the dull gloomy weather of our last few excursions.
Once the train was out of sight at this location we quickly packed up cameras and tripods and headed for the station at Sherburn in Elmet. It's only a few minutes up the road giving us plenty of time to set up on the station platform to capture 48151 pulling away from its water stop.
In the end we had plenty of time to get set up before The Yorkshire Coast Express came through on its way to Scarborough. The pictures were a little more difficult to shoot due to a group of photographers standing at the end of the platform and blocking everybody else's view of the approaching express. Some people are just not very thoughtful.

I travelled to Woodlesford Station on Wednesday evening as 48151 was due to pass through on the return journey to Crewe at around 18:20. However, by 18:30 48151 hadn't shown up and on Realtime Trains it still appeared to be in York. I decided I might as well head home. I later found out that 48151 had been failed at York suspected of causing lineside fires on its run from Scarborough to York so no pictures at Woodlesford.

Our video at these two locations is shown below.

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